Entry #2

U guys are awesome

2008-11-29 07:09:16 by hay45

thanks for the votes on my pixels

incidentally if you want an ambigram (like on the preloader of my name) send me the two word which you wish me to ambigram

please make the amount of letters roughly the same for both words.



this is not a subliminal message

wink wink

next animation

if you no what i mean



my next animat6ion will be about anti subliminal messaging okay

fine you get it

have i made myself clear enough for your puny minds to comprehend

sorry i was just in a fit of raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggge!!!!

i didn't meen that thing about your puny minds i love you guys

but not in a gay way

not that i have anything against people who r gay

i would say some of my best freinds are gay but i don't actually no anyone who is gay

i am going to stop typing now

just in case you wanted to no

by the way if you are reading this message you will have realized by now
that this is one of those messages that you no does not lead anywhere but you can't
stop reading it

see you are reading it right now

well of cause you are otheriise you would not know what this says and you are because you are reading this

the reason this message is so long is because.....


you know duped



i know it is not even a real word

but you agree with me

i had 2

check his account so he will stop bugging me

like a tree he will leaf me alone

licking doorknobs is illegal on some planets

ha ha ha\


in case you do not nol...,

this is the end

this is the end my friend

sorry breaking out in song there

c ya



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